4. Launch EC2 Instance

Launch EC2 Instance

  1. It is recommended to select the m4.xlarge instance type. Step 1 Click Next: Configure Instance Details.

  2. Configure the instance details based on your account’s requirements. Step 2 Click Next: Add Storage.

  3. It is recommended to have at least 80 GB free in the Root Volume Type. Step 3 Click Next: Add Tags.

  4. It is recommended to add personal tags in order to easily identify this instance. For example: Step 4 Click Next: Configure Security Group.

  5. It is recommended that you configure the security group with your IP. If you want to open the server for global access, keep the Source as Step 5 Click Next: Review and Launch.

  6. Review the details and click Launch.

  7. If you have an existing key-value pair, select it. If not, create a new one, and click Download Key Pair. Step 6

  8. Click Launch Instances.